iMystro French is a comprehensive visual resource that supports learners in learning French. There are videos targeted at beginner to intermediate learners (French levels from A1 to B1) and other videos for the advanced levels, mainly in vocabulary. You will find these videos helpful whether you want to learn the language to prepare for your upcoming trip to a French-speaking country, whether you want to work on any professional or school objectives, or whether you simply wish to enjoy communicating in French. These videos are presented easily in order to help you construct sentences and gain plenty of practice. The objective is for you to grasp the complexities of French grammar, learn and exercise the basic elements of the French language and some cultural aspects.

iMystro Turkish course introduces you to the Turkish language from zero to hero in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The course which raises your awareness of Turkish culture aims to develop your communication skills in everyday life. Also, the course is suitable for undergraduate students whose subject area is Turkish since it can help them improve in grammar and vocabulary and implement them in real contexts in an easy and fun way. The course can be useful for those who would like to travel to Turkey for tourism or short courses. iMystro Turkish starts with the learners from the alphabets and goes with them step-by-step through the language focusing on every detail by linking between the English and the Turkish language, which makes the experience of the learning fun. The course focuses on all the skills you need to learn, including writing, reading, speaking, listening.

iMystro Algebra 1 is a comprehensive visual resource that supports students to understand the main concepts in Algebra 1. It is suitable for learners who study Algebra 1 in school from grade 6 and above, also suitable for anyone who would like to revise the basic concepts of Algebra 1 such as parents and new teachers. iMystro Algebra 1 efficiently encourages students to explore the main concepts in Algebra 1, such as Numbers from integers to fractions and even to decimals, Variables, Word Problems, Arithmetic Operations, Functions, Graphing, Factoring, Expanding, Monomials and Polynomials, and so many more. Throughout iMystro Algebra 1 videos, we adopt a concept-based approach, where we support the learner, by linking the content to real-world examples and situations he/she might see in his/her daily life in addition to each video having sufficient solved examples step by step in order to give the learner enough confidence and knowledge to perform brilliantly in their exams.