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Muayyad Al-Shurbaji has around six years of experience in the field of education. He holds a BA degree in Turkish Language Literature from the University of Uludağ in Turkey. He is also a BA holder in English Translation from the University of Petra in Jordan. Muayyad works as the Head of the Turkish-English Department at the SC Academy. Before, he worked as a director and a translator of three languages for a specialized company in business expanding in Turkey. He was also a former head of the Turkish department at the Jordan University Gate Academy in Amman, Jordan.


iMystro Turkish course introduces you to the Turkish language from zero to hero in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The course which raises your awareness of Turkish culture aims to develop your communication skills in everyday life. Also, the course is suitable for undergraduate students whose subject area is Turkish since it can help them improve in grammar and vocabulary and implement them in real contexts in an easy and fun way. The course can be useful for those who would like to travel to Turkey for tourism or short courses. iMystro Turkish starts with the learners from the alphabets and goes with them step-by-step through the language focusing on every detail by linking between the English and the Turkish language, which makes the experience of the learning fun. The course focuses on all the skills you need to learn, including writing, reading, speaking, listening.