Our Vision

Improving education for future generations by making learning fun, easy, visual and accessible and equip them with whatever necessary, to enhance independent learning.


We believe in making efficient and strong quality learning that is accessible to all. Our aim is to enable Learners enjoy the learning process using the highest quality of visual learning experience. We trust that they must be kept captivated, interested and engaged in the learning process, and enhance the idea of independent learning. We aim to reach learners in Jordan, the region, and worldwide.

Who we are?

iMystro is an online learning platform which was founded on the premise of enhancing the quality of learning and teaching, and helping learners become self-dependent in their learning. Marwa Bkerat, with an expertise in the education field for over than 20 years, realized the gap in learning and decided to start the iMystro online learning platform, knowing that learning should be made engaging, easy, accessible and most importantly visual.
Online education enables learners to set their own learning pace, and there is the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. As a result, using an online learning platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there is no need to give anything up. At iMystro, we focus on the visual tools of learning that keep the learner captivated and interested in the learning process. We provide short videos to explain the content of different subjects targeting students, teachers and parents across the world to make learning fun, easy, visual and accessible by following a simplified language, using visual tools, and by connecting the content of their subjects to their real life experiences