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Mohamad Modar has around 5 years of experience in the field of education. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering specialized in Mechatronics from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan. He has taught a variety of International Programs, in addition to participating in the professional development course “Cambridge Lower Secondary Science (1113)- Extension” conducted by Cambridge Assessment International Education. He is currently the Lead Physics Teacher for the lower secondary department at the National Orthodox School in Amman. He has previously worked as a Math Teacher at the International School of Chouifate- Amman teaching both Algebra and Geometry, in addition to Physics and Mechanics. He was also a Robotics Teacher in the International School of Chouifate- Amman.


iMystro Algebra 1 is a comprehensive visual resource that supports students to understand the main concepts in Algebra 1. It is suitable for learners who study Algebra 1 in school from grade 6 and above, also suitable for anyone who would like to revise the basic concepts of Algebra 1 such as parents and new teachers. iMystro Algebra 1 efficiently encourages students to explore the main concepts in Algebra 1, such as Numbers from integers to fractions and even to decimals, Variables, Word Problems, Arithmetic Operations, Functions, Graphing, Factoring, Expanding, Monomials and Polynomials, and so many more. Throughout iMystro Algebra 1 videos, we adopt a concept-based approach, where we support the learner, by linking the content to real-world examples and situations he/she might see in his/her daily life in addition to each video having sufficient solved examples step by step in order to give the learner enough confidence and knowledge to perform brilliantly in their exams.