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Hélène is an enthusiastic and caring French native teacher. Hélène, who is a CELTA holder, spent her adult life in bilingual cultures in which she could build extensive experiences by working at different schools in the Middle East, mainly Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. She is a French IB teacher in Jeddah, and she attended summer teaching courses at Nantes University in France and IB workshops in Dubai. She is studying for a Professional Diploma in Teaching French as a Foreign Language (DAEFLE) and has been accepted in a two-year master’s degree program in French as a Foreign Language at Nantes University in France. Since she is passionate about Arts, she holds an MA in Visual and Fine Arts from the University of Lille in France. She successfully managed educational projects while working in the cultural sector at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat.


iMystro French is a comprehensive visual resource that supports learners in learning French. There are videos targeted at beginner to intermediate learners (French levels from A1 to B1) and other videos for the advanced levels, mainly in vocabulary. You will find these videos helpful whether you want to learn the language to prepare for your upcoming trip to a French-speaking country, whether you want to work on any professional or school objectives, or whether you simply wish to enjoy communicating in French. These videos are presented easily in order to help you construct sentences and gain plenty of practice. The objective is for you to grasp the complexities of French grammar, learn and exercise the basic elements of the French language and some cultural aspects.