Dalia is a Spanish native speaker who has 12 years of experience in the field of education and teaching languages. She has a BA in foreign languages and translation. She previously worked as an IB Spanish teacher and was the subject leader at the same school. She is an IB Workshop Leader. Dalia has a wide range of knowledge in teaching foreign languages due to her multi-lingual background, which made her spot the similarities and differences in languages. She uses this knowledge to help students learn Spanish from a different approach and use her students' prior knowledge of their own language as a weapon to be utilized in their language learning journey.

  • Length : 4:14
  • Subject : Spanish

Course Description

iMystro Spanish Beginner course will help you learn all the basics you need to start communicating in Spanish with Spanish speaking friends or if you want to travel to Spain or Latin America. Throughout this course, you will learn all the necessary vocabulary to present yourself in Spanish, learn the basic grammatical structures and rules to make sentences that will enable you to communicate with others and understand them. Now it is your chance to learn at your own pace and time. You can watch the videos as many times as you want and enjoy your language journey. The course is supported with multiple choice questions and summary sheets to help you in your learning journey.

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